Collected Chrome Extension

When you have signed up for a Collected account (free trial or premium subscription), the Collected Chrome Extension is a free download from the Install page or during your onboarding process in "Get the Apps." The extension is also available directly in the Chrome Extension store.

The Collected Chrome Extension is an application that resides in the Menu bar of your Chrome Browser. You will see the Collected icon after installation on the top, right-hand side of the browser.

When you open the Collected Chrome Extension, it will begin to look for text anywhere you compose content in your browser or anywhere you highlight text. It suggests the most related content from your connected cloud accounts as you type.

Access our how-to video to see how the setup process and all the features work in the Collected Chrome Extension.

Collected will work across the web in many of the most popular web-based applications, like Gmail, Evernote, Salesforce, Zendesk and Basecamp. You can highlight text in any article anywhere to retrieve suggestions too.

We demonstrate several of these use-cases in our how-to video.
You can disable the Collected Extension by navigating to your Chrome menu, selecting "More Tools", and selecting "Extensions."

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