Collected for Mac

When you have signed up for a Collected account (free trial or premium subscription), Collected for Mac is a free download from the Install page or during your onboarding process in "Step 3: Get the Apps".

Just download the Collected file. Open it and open the Collected application. The first time you open the application it will automatically ask you if you would like to move it to the "Applications" folder.

Collected for Mac is an application that resides in your Menu bar alongside the clock, battery meter, and other applications like the Dropbox or Google Drive sync apps.

While Collected for Mac is running, if it detects your active application is Microsoft Word or PowerPoint it will open and suggest the most relevant content from your connected cloud account, based on the content in your current paragraph or slide. You can toggle the "Opens Automatically" switch to show Collected manually from the dropdown menu.

Access our how-to video to see how the setup process and all the features work in Collected for Mac.
Collected for Mac will run by default on startup. It is an application that can be found in your Menu Bar alongside your clock, battery meter and other apps like the Dropbox sync or Google Hangouts apps. You can access Collected controls in the drop-down menu by clicking on the icon.
This toggle switch controls if Collected will start automatically when your operating system boots. It is recommended to leave this toggle switch on to keep your most related content more accessible while you work.
This toggle switch controls if Collected will open automatically when Microsoft Word or PowerPoint is detected as the active application. If this toggle switch is in the on position, it will open or close anytime you switch between applications. To see how this toggle switch works, check out this how-to video. It is recommended that you leave this toggle switch on so that Collected can open whenever you start working.
If you close out the Collected application window, it will switch into a manual mode for 24-hours. To show Collected during this time, just click "Show" from the drop-down menu. Clicking "Show" will turn off the 24-hour timer and re-activate the toggle switch.
Collected for Mac will occasionally check for new versions. If you want to ensure you are using the most recent version of Collected, just click "Check for Updates" on the Collected drop-down menu.

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