Collected for OneDrive and SharePoint

There are two types of Microsoft OneDrive accounts: a personal OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. The two accounts types are not at all related. In fact, OneDrive for Business is just a personal folder on your organization's SharePoint site.
Nope. Collected doesn't require that you know which type of OneDrive you have. When you go to link a OneDrive account, Collected uses Microsoft's Discovery Service to determine which type of account you have.
Just click on the "OneDrive" button on the linked accounts page. When prompted, enter the email you use for your OneDrive account. If you have a personal OneDrive, just sign in and Collected will add the account automatically.
Before you link your OneDrive for Business, an Office 365 global administrator for your organization must authorize Collected for use at your organization (see below). After this is complete, click the "OneDrive" button on the linked accounts page, enter the email address for your OneDrive for Business account, and on the "Are you an Office 365 administrator?" page, click the "Link your account button."
To authorize your organization, just create a Collected account, click on the "OneDrive" button on the linked accounts page, enter the email address associated with your global administrator account, and when prompted click the "Authorize Collected" button. This will also link your administrator account to Collected. You can remove your linked account without affecting authorization for other Collected users. Once this authorization is complete, your organization's users can each link their OneDrive for Business and SharePoint accounts to Collected.
Collected supports SharePoint 2013 only.
The name of your site can be most easily found by checking the URL when you are accessing your site. The URL will follow the pattern: https://{company}{site-name}/_layouts/... Copy the site-name and use it when working with your linked SharePoint account.
In the folder select popup for your SharePoint account, enter the SharePoint site name into the text box in the right-hand column and hit enter. You will now see your site as a folder with which you can select or click to get it's subfolders.
Collected can only access Documents which are in the main Document Library of each SharePoint site.
Microsoft requires that you revoke access through the Microsoft Azure Management Portal. This requires a Microsoft Azure account. Click here for Microsoft's documentation on revoking access to an application through Azure.

Collected gains authorization to your OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint through your Office365 account. Every 90 days, Microsoft requires you to change your credentials and reauthorize any third party applications, like Collected.

To reauthorize Collected, go to your Linked Accounts page and click the to complete the reauthorization process.

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